Who Has the Time for Good Nutrition?

You do!

Good nutrition is too important to put on the back burner. But there's no need to spend hours (days, weeks, even years) researching ways to boost your family's nutrition. You can start delivering healthy, nutrition-packed meals today!

Hello. I'm Kelli Boone, aka 'The Healthy Homemaker.' I've spent the last three years researching, reading, and implementing ways for my family to have better health.

You probably think I'm some health-nut. Well, I'm not. Okay, maybe a little...

I've put all my research together for you to enjoy without reading boring case studies or spending hours searching "good nutrition" on the web.I've read tons of books, websites, pamphlets, and even talked with some pretty interesting 'old timers.' (Yes, I embarrass my family by doing this in public!)

Who Is The Healthy Homemaker?

I'm a busy mom, just like you. I strive to nourish my family with good food and good "spiritual nutrition", as well. I understand that good nutrition isn't only about what my family eats and drinks. It's also about the health and beauty products we wear. It's about the cleaning products we use. It's even about our mental attitudes.

I'm not a size six (or eight, or ten![UPDATE: Now I am a size 10! And even can fit in a size 9 on occassion!!]). There are usually toys on my living room floor, and dishes in the sink. I am not perfect. I'm just trying to do my best.

The Healthy Homemaker is you. She is me, and she is every other woman in the world who is trying to change the lives of her family for the better.

Come join me as I recount my experiences on the path to good nutrition. There will be lots of tips, good information, and recipes along the way. You will learn how I lost over 70 pounds! How I said 'bye-bye' to migraines, and how my daughter's ADHD disappeared! Grab a cup of tea (herbal, of course)and have a look around.

If you find something you really like, please let me know through the contact me link. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Who is the Healthy Homemaker?
About The Healthy Homemaker is a page where you can meet me and my family.
Why is Good Nutrition Important to our Family?
Is good nutrition important? Of course it is! This is why good nutrition is important to my family.
Be a Work at Home Mom Like Me!
With three children, extra money is welcomed in my household! But it is also important for me to put my children first. That means being a work at home mom.
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